At Advantage Real Estate, we have strong relationships with many landlords through years of apartment rentals and property management. Through these relationships, we have access to "off market" listings that are not publicly marketed, or available on sites such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc. There are a number of reasons that owners decide to list "off market" - to avoid unnecessary disturbances for themselves/their tenants, they're willing to sell for the right price but are in no hurry, or they simply don't want their property information posted to hundreds of websites. Whatever their reasoning, it provides buyers with a great opportunity to avoid the competition that comes with publicly listed properties!

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We know you have options. That is precisely why we value our relationships, both with our clients and our landlords. These relationships grant us first access to apartments at 1056 and 1066 Commonwealth Avenue, St Lukes Road, Lanark Road, several buildings in the North End as well as many of the the best listings in the city.

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