While there are countless attractions in these two neighborhoods, most commonly recognized are the Citgo Sign, perched atop a building overlooking Kenmore Square and, you guessed it, Fenway Park - home of the Boston Red Sox. Throughout Kenmore Square and the area immediately surrounding Fenway there are countless local attractions from sports-themed bars/restaurants, to the live music venues such as the House of Blues. But for those that aren’t interested in (or need a break from) this vibrant scene, nearby you’ll find the Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall.  



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We know you have options. That is precisely why we value our relationships, both with our clients and our landlords. These relationships grant us first access to apartments at 1056 and 1066 Commonwealth Avenue, St Lukes Road, Lanark Road, several buildings in the North End as well as many of the the best listings in the city.

New apartments and updates are often posted on Facebook & Twitter. Check us out!


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